My trip in Germany

    During the third week of April, between the 12th and the 20th, I discovered the city of Berlin and I spent this week with my penfriend Charlotte.

   She's really really nice and she speak english very well{#}. Her parents and her sister Anna are very nice too.{#}

   The week-end, we stayed with the family. Saturday, we arrived at 16:00 PM. With Charlotte, I discovered her district and after the diner, we watched a movie.

   Sunday, with Charlotte and her mother, I visited a museum about the history of Berlin. Then, the afternoon with Charlotte's family, I took the fastest elevator of Europ to have a beautiful panoramic view of Berlin.{#}

Blog de dnlelfietheloise : H and E Shine's blog, My trip in Germany

   Monday, with the european class, I discovered the east of Berlin. We saw the East Side Gallery, the Brandenburger door and we visited the Reichtag dome. The evening, all the german and the french had a bowling party, it was really funny {#}and beautiful because there were many lights and all were fluorescent. I played bowling with my friends, my penfriend and her friends too.

Blog de dnlelfietheloise : H and E Shine's blog, My trip in Germany

   Tuesday, we discovered the west of Berlin. We saw the Charlottenburg castle and we visited its garden. Then we had a guided tour of the Olympic Stadium.Blog de dnlelfietheloise : H and E Shine's blog, My trip in Germany I really love this visite.{#} The afternoon, we visited the memorial of the holocaust. The guide was really good, he explain and speak french very well. Blog de dnlelfietheloise : H and E Shine's blog, My trip in GermanyAnd the evening with Charlotte, we played at palour games, I always won and it was so funny to play.

   Wenesday morning, we visited the concentration camp of Ravensbrück and it was really moving{#}. The afternoon, we saw an other castle. The evening, my penfriend had a biology presentation to do, so we went to Daria's home, the penfriend of Clémence.

   Thursday morning, we visited a castle and the afternoon an other castle, the "Sans Souci castle", it was beautiful. The evening, we had a funny party{#} where we ate and dansed with all the german and the french.{#}

   Friday was the last day in Berlin, so we had a time for shopping in Kurfürstendamm Strasse. We spent the afternoon with our penfriend, when we leaft Berlin, it was a very sad moment{#}.

   In the bus, we watched two films and the travel was cool.

   This trip was a really good experience, all the week was so funny{#} and my penfriend is a really good friend {#}!!

   It was a super trip {#}!!!


vendredi 10 mai 2013 11:42

My work experience

Blog de dnlelfietheloise : H and E Shine's blog, My work experience

   In february, during 3 days, between the 20th and the 23 rd of february, I did my first work experience at "Habitation Familiale".

   "Habitation Familiale" is a cooperative company, member of council housing movement created 110 years ago. This company has nearly thirty employees divided into four sections.

Blog de dnlelfietheloise : H and E Shine's blog, My work experience

   During the 3 days, I discovered everydays many differents jobs.

   Each day, I went in one of the differents sections of the company. The first day, I discovered the section of selling and leasing. I spent the second day with syndic agents and the third day at the property development section.

   The first day, I learned many interesting things about the job of commercial adviser. I observed firstly the search for a leak, then calls of flats and to finish a valuation of a flat.

   The second day, I observed an insurrance valuation and two others valuations. The afternoon, I assisted at a meeting about men at work.

   The last day, I visited four buildings sites to take pictures for the internet site of the company.

   With this first work experience, I discovered the life in a company. I did a fantastic work experience and I really love that ♥☺


vendredi 10 mai 2013 10:56

About The Sherlock Holmes Play

Hi ! Today I'm going to give my appreciations about

 the Sherlock Holmes play. Personally, I really

liked this piece of theater because it was funny with

 some songs, there were also some stories told in

french to understand the scenes but the most striking

 was that the actors were just 3 persons ! I

understood all the play and  as I said I liked the

scenes !



dimanche 27 janvier 2013 22:25

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas is my favorite,

Filling my desk with gifts,

Christmas party there and here,

Bringing so much Christmas cheer.

But guys, just take it easy.

Eat treats and drink beer moderately,

For when Christmas is over,

You won't have a huge belly ! Blog de dnlelfietheloise : H and E Shine's blog, Merry Christmas


Thank you for listening and MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!


lundi 24 décembre 2012 20:52

A Puppy's Christmas


A Puppy's Christmas

A Puppy's Christmas Poem

It's the day before Christmas
And all through the house
The puppies are squeaking
An old rubber mouse.

The wreath which had merrily
Hung on the door
Is scattered in pieces
All over the floor.

The stockings that hung
In a neat little row
Now boast a hole in
Each one of the toes.

The tree was subjected
To bright-eyed whims,
And now, although splendid,
It's missing some limbs.

I catch them and hold them.
"Be good", I insist.
They lick me, then run off
To see what they've missed.

And now as I watch them
The thought comes to me,
That theirs is the spirit
That Christmas should be.

Should children and puppies
Yet show us the way,
And teach us the joy
That should come with this day?

Could they bring the message
That's written above,
And tell us that, most of all
Christmas is love.

For the poem I play "Jingle Bell" with my sister at piano behind the text that I say. I'm sorry too because I have a cold so my nose is little bit blocked up.


And ♫ Merry Christmas ♪ and best wishes for a happy New Year ☺ !!!

dimanche 23 décembre 2012 11:33


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